While it’s easy to be most concerned with the present and trying to gain new listings for the immediate future, it’s also worth thinking about winning new listings in three, five or ten years down the track.

It’s very easy to put this type of strategy on the backburner because there are more pressing matters for your real estate business, but running a life cycle marketing campaign to keep in touch with future vendors can pay off in two ways.

First of all – here’s what you can do to win future listings.

Life Cycle Marketing may sound like a complex beast but really it’s a simple method of staying in touch with your clients.

A series of emails with reminders and relevant messaging can act like a note slipped under the door or a yellow sticky note placed on a colleague’s computer. It’s really a gentle reminder and to keep the person thinking of you, so when the time comes sell, you are front of mind to sell their property.


It’s obviously important that the content of your life cycle marketing emails need to be relevant to the reader – in this case – potential vendors who are looking to sell in the future.

So what information do these type of readers want to receive?

Well first of all – locals want to know the value of their property, regardless of if they’re thinking of selling or not. House owners find comfort knowing they have made a capital gain on their property, if they ever want to sell in the future.

One way of doing this is to provide local auction and sales results.

This allows clients to guestimate on the value of their property and may just entice them to think about selling.

Recommendations of adding attractive renovations to add value to a property can also be good content to provide. Along with this, you can also be helpful by recommending local contractors, carpenters and plumbers that you know and trust. In turn, these businesses are likely to return the favour.


As a real estate agent, you are a veritable encyclopeadia of local knowledge. Local residents are only too happy to hear your valuable advice on chippies, sparkies and plumbers they can trust.

It’s also a good opportunity to add a PS section at the bottom of the email to make mention of local fairs, school fetes and other community events.

In many cases, real estate agents are sponsors of these events so it’s a good way show your community spirit, socialize and do the soft sell if you bump into one of your clients.


Interestingly, news of local auctions can also be of interest, so people can pop around the corner to watch the auction if it’s nearby. In the process, they also get to see you in action, bringing the hammer down and selling to the highest bidder.


By keeping in touch and saying hello to these clients with these sorts of email communications, it’s easy to see how you can stay front of mind, but as mentioned earlier, there is a second way that this sort of life cycle marketing can pay off.

These potential clients have friends and family members who are also looking at listing. When it comes to recommendations, your professional communications strategy is ultimately a reflection on how you conduct yourself and your business.

These are just a few ideas of how to keep in touch with potential vendors of the future. And while there is a lot there, an automated communications platform like ActivePipe can help you send these messages even when you’re not in the office.

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