Advanced MyDesktop CRM integration

This week we launched a suite of enhancements to our MyDesktop integration to make ActivePipe even more intuitive and beneficial to your daily activities.

Until now ActivePipe would email you when a contact provided OFI feedback or updated their search criteria.
Instead of emailing you this data and requiring you to update your MyDesktop CRM, we have launched  a feature that pushes this data back in real time. 
ActivePipe now helps agents with data entry by automating the following processes.  

 Buyer search criteria information automatically updated in MDT

Building buyer profiles has never been easier. If your contacts decide to provide more information on their search criteria ActivePipe will automatically enter these updates into MyDesktop for you. This is a great listing feature come appraisal time as you can actually provide prospective vendors with a list of buyers that are looking for their type of property – a massive benefit when it comes to getting the listing!


Post OFI feedback automatically creates a note in MDT

We know how much work goes into entering all the data after a hard day of OFI’s.
That’s why ActivePipe now automatically posts feedback in to MyDesktop from the post OFI feedback form,  All you need to do is add the OFI attendance note against the contact and we will send the contact a feedback survey thanking them for attending and requesting feedback, this feedback is automatically placed into MyDesktop as a home open / inspection feedback note against the property.

GEO data automatically updated in MDT after contacts provide more info

As you know your new contacts that have incomplete data are all sent an email inviting them to receive a localised sale report, when a contact provides more information on your signup form the missing information is now automatically pushed back into MyDesktop.
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