Chris Deutrom – General Manager








  • 111,000 emails sent
  • 26% Open rate
  • 151 High Value contacts identified
  • 13,500 Direct web visits
  • 13 Appraisal requests

Chris’s role as General manager of Elders Real Estate Darwin, Palmerston and Virginia entails the day-to-day management of Darwin’s largest and most successful Real Estate business.

There are nearly 50 staff at Elders Darwin which is enough to keep any GM on his toes but Chris is also acknowledged by his peers as the most prolific project marketing expert in Darwin.

With more than 23 years experience, his knowledge, ability to analyse and launch major projects is recognised throughout Australia. Chris has been responsible for the most significant major developments in residential and mixed use projects in Darwin’s modern era. His involvement starts from conception and feasibility through to planning a successful sell-out of each project.


How long did it take for you to start seeing results from ActivePipe?

After the ActivePipe team presented ActivePipe to us I was really enthusiastic about the potential and WOW!

We turned on ActivePipe in mid-February this year and the results were flowing immediately; it was like we had awakened the beast.

One of our team received a couple of Appraisal requests and converted one to a listing straight away. The rest of the team have been seeing the Appraisal requests roll in pretty consistently ever since.

There has also been far more meaningful client interaction than we had ever thought possible too.


What attracted you to ActivePipe?

We have not been very good at email marketing at all. It’s not been consistent, the quality wasn’t great and we’ve never really measured it either. ActivePipe represented an opportunity to address all of these issues and it hasn’t disappointed us at any stage since taking it up.

The really great thing is the automation and the confidence it encourages knowing that you can rely on it to be done. We’ve sent, what, 100,000 emails and it’s been trouble free. We could never have done this. We are the most successful Darwin agency and we aim to stay there. The brand recognition, the web traffic etc that ActivePipe provides will help us stay No.1.


How would you describe the impact of this business tool?

You can’t control what you can’t measure and ActivePipe gives us data that we can work with. It is a very important part of the business and the agents love the professional, personalised communication and the fact that they don’t have to do it!

For me it was always a no-brainer, the decision to take it on was easy and I have not needed to question it at any stage.


What is this in dollar value to you?

A listing is worth approximately $12,000 so ActivePipe has paid for itself for the next few years!

Plus, how do you value web traffic? We are consistently receiving around 2,000 web visits a month straight from ActivePipe communications. As a GM I know this is a real benefit to our business.


Does ActivePipe help your business in any other ways?

Well, the agents are more effective because ActivePipe is actually helping them identify who they should be speaking with. High Value contacts and Up&Coming contacts are now a valuable source for prospects.

It ensures that our brand recognition is high and it gives me control over communication to our clients – I am comfortable that it’s consistent across the team.


What was it like training your staff to use ActivePipe?

We were early adopters in the Elders network and ActivePipe were great in terms of helping us with training. They’ve been there from Day One and we’ve never been abandoned!

I think one of the secrets is that ActivePipe really is set-and-forget and even the reporting is automated so that the agents know what is happening. All they need to do is check their Inbox.


Is there anything else you’d like to add?

ActivePipe has taught us the power of our database. We’ve all been told to build our contacts but we’ve never really done much with them. ActivePipe has changed all that and made the whole team understand why an email address is important and how much opportunity you can create by actually contacting your database! Wonderful stuff.


Would you recommend ActivePipe to another Elders real estate office?

Of course; I can’t imagine why an Elders office would not use it. We need to embrace technology like this and I shake my head in disbelief when I hear people criticising it.


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