Nick Ploubidis LJ Hooker Kensington, Feb 2016



Exceptional readership of emails, high open rate and lots of web traffic to his office page + appraisals generated from ActivePipe.

Emails sent: 107,000

Emails Opened: 48,000

Web traffic generated: 12,600 clicks

Potential sellers: 2 appraisals direct from ActivePipe + 1 listing.

TIME USING ActivePipe: 5 months, 1 month on newly upgraded platform


About Nick:
Nick is regularly called upon by local and national media to give his views and opinions on the state of play in the South Australian property market.  He is a commentator on ABC radio, Indaily and SOLD Magazine and has featured on Network Ten and Channel Nine news.  He is also mentor to a number of up and coming younger real estate professionals.

What results have you had using ActivePipe so far?
We love the automation and love the way the reporting is laid out to see. We have had three appraisal requests in the last month or so plus we can see many more potential sellers in the pipeline.


Do you believe that there is a value to your client.
It certainly adds value to the agent because of the efficiencies and also to the vendors because ActivePipe helps to identify buyers that we may not have thought of.


Do you think that ActivePipe is giving you a professional edge ?
Anything that makes us more efficient is a good thing. We’ll always work hard but this helps to identify who is active and who we should call first. This means we can get to the high value calls and makes us more effective.

How does ActivePipe enhance your efficiency and practices in the office?

Well, yes, formerly using E2 we had to update the emails manually and add the open homes and the open times and then select the buyers to send it to.

ActivePipe has definitely saved us lots of time and lots of wages that we don’t have to worry about  now.


How does ActivePipe enhance your efficiency and practices in the office?

Looking at the lists helps us identify who needs calling when, this means less time with cold or warm calls and we can direct our attention straight to hot prospects, whether they be buyers or sellers.

It’s early days for us but we can already see many advantages in efficiencies and as I said, anything that saves time (or wages) is a good thing.

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