Game Changing Technology for Real Estate

List & Sell With Smart Data

An advanced CRM plug-in delivering enterprise level marketing automation & smart data analytics to Real Estate.

We tell you WHO to call, WHEN to call & WHY to call

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Individual Tailoring & Profiling

Automated property market communications that respond to user interactions. Individual profiling & predictive modelling.

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Expand Your Capacity & Relevance

Through lifetime engagement with contacts and the provision of tailored, relevant and value-adding property market updates, we eliminate capacity restrictions whilst keeping you front-of-mind and relevant to all contacts

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Saving You Time & Money

We automate the mundane! We automate the complex! We let you get out doing what you do best... meeting people, displaying properties & cracking deals!

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Data Discovery -
Advising You Of Your Next Deal

Our automated communications deliver data that tells you which of your contacts are ready to transact - all in our intuitive dashboard. Eliminate the guesswork, eliminate lost opportunities. Close more deals!

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